Agate Beads Crochet Chunky Chin Necklace. Crocheted by Zegna Aston

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Glowing green stations and a customizable length make this necklace an artful choice. Slip it under a spread collar to create a trendy look or wear it draped long against a black gown for glamour.
– Agate beads
– Aluminium Chunky Chain
– Cotton cord
-Adjustable ribbon tie closure.

Fly Like A Butterfly with Lapis Lazuli jewelry set

Lapis Lazuli

Wire Crochet Earrings and Bracelet Cuff with Lapis Lazuli Beads by Zegna Aston

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Very beautiful and elegant handmade bracelet and  Earrings set.
Crocheted of gold tone Non Tarnish wire and featured with 7 beautiful lapis lazuli beads (10x10mm)

Lapis lazuli is an ancient gem, and as such, has a storied history. Egyptian cultures made a practice of burying a lapis lazuli scarab with their dead, and believed it to offer protection. The very earliest cultures valued lapis lazuli more highly than gold. Greeks spoke of an ancient sapphire which was included with gold, and this was unmistakenly lapis. Some believed that dreaming of lapis would foretell love that would be forever faithful.

Through the ages, lapis lazuli has been associated with power, wisdom, love, and most frequently as a stimulator for psychic abilities. It is believed to stimulate inner vision, give enhanced wisdom, insight and good judgment.

Gold and malachite green trend colors

Gold and malachite

Large Malachite Slice and 14K Gold pleated Wire Crochet Bracelet by Zegna Aston

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For the new cold season, colors are more muted and softer, this way highlighting the idea of elegance and femininity. Although in fall and winter nature isn’t particularly happy with bright shades, the fall/ winter 2013-2014 color trends are vibrant, varied, exciting and rich, promising to make your fall styling a whole lot more inspirational than you can imagine.

The marvelous malachite green trend makes a flawless transition from summer to fall, bringing a touch of elegance and refinement to our wardrobes. Appropriate both for everyday wear and for special occasions, malachite green fascinates and sparkles any time of the year. It makes the best combination with white, gold and black, and when combined with bold and vibrant colors.

Very Stylish and Unique bracelet is crocheted of fine 14 K Gold Pleated wire (Made in USA) and featured with rare Natural Malachite Slice.
Malachite size approx. 5 x 3 1\2″
– Length: Approx. 6 1\2 ”
– Width: Approx. 2″
– Closure: Gold Pleated 5-strand slide clasp.
– Material: 14 K Gold Pleated wire, Natural malachite Slice

Eclectic gothic style with Cameo Collar by Zegna Aston

Gothic style
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Beautiful and elegance is crochet of cotton yarn and trimmed with 2 types of chain. Vintage looking removable Cameo makes it perfect for any occasions. Day or night!

That’s interesting:

Torre del Greco, a town near Mt. Vesusius in Italy, is the Cameo Capital of the world.
Cameos were favored jewelry of rulers such as Catherine the Great, Queen Victoria, Emperor Napolean and his wife Josephine.
From the Civil War to the World War II era, cameos were the most popular pieces of jewelry most women owned.

Wild Asian style with Three Agate Slices crochet Statement Necklace by Zegna Aston

Asia wild
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Did you know?

Asia is the world’s largest continent in world covering 60 percent of Earth’s total land area.
Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth and it is located in Asia.
Asia can be divided into 6 subcontinents
Asia is only continent joined by two other continents, Africa and Europe.

Very beautiful and stylish necklace!
To make this Statement necklace I used black coated chain< cotton yarn and 3 Colorful agate slices.
One of a Kind!
Every agate slice has it’s unique color! Never the same.

Malachite Beads Gold Chain Necklace. Crochet by Zegna Aston

Malachite statement Necklace

Malachite Beads Gold Chain Necklace. Crochet by Zegna Aston

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Stunning necklace is crocheted of 100% Egyptian Cotton yarn and featured with 10mm malachite beads.
This beautiful necklace will make any outfit unique!
Materials: Gold tone chunky curb chain, 100% Egyptian cotton yarn, 10 mm malachite beads.


Throughout history, some people have come to believe that malachite possesses special powers to bring about peace, love, success in life, and personal protection from harm. Some people even wore them as a means to detect any kind of danger coming their way, thinking that the malachite would break into pieces when danger arrived. It’s been called the guardian stone.

I’d rather be at the beach in Coral and Turquoise jewelry

Did you know?
Corals are so sensitive to climatic change that scientists study coral reef fossils to construct highly detailed chronologies of prehistoric climate patterns.

The origin of the name Turquoise is derived from the Greek word “Turkois” meaning “Turkish” because it was first brought from Turkey

Beautiful and bright crochet necklace will attract lots of attention to your outfit! Crocheted of 100% Egyptian cotton thread and featured with dyed bamboo coral sticks and Turquoise dyed howlite beads.

Materials: Gold tone chunky chain, 100% Egyptian cotton thread, gold tone copper wire, dyed bamboo coral sticks, Turquoise dyed howlite beads.

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