Maleficent is my inspiration

Perfect Natural Labradorite gemstone Gold Wire crochet Bracelet Cuff by Zegna Aston
Labradorite is also the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. It protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world, and provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness and in facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the future.
Beautiful, mystery and stylish handmade bracelet.
One of a kind. A lovely, lacy lattice pattern gives this cuff bracelet a cool modernism.
– 14K Gold Filled wire
– Natural Labradrite Gemstone (approx. 2″ x 1″)
– Gold Pleated slide clasp

Bracelet size 6 1/3″ x 2″
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Monochrome – trend radar for SS14

Monochrome - trend radar for SS14
Bracelet cuff.  Crocheted by Zegna Aston

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It’s easily our favorite pairing out there – black and white. The way to wear it is with a crocheted structured cuff. Practically every collection touched on the monochrome revival. It’s the perfect way to take it from day to night. Team with a pleated black midi skirt for easy office outfit.

Orange rules for spring 2014

Black bracelet cuff. Crocheted by Zegna Aston

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Orange is the new black! While spring may seem like eons from now, and it’s certainly too cold to pull out any spring dresses, you could dabble in one of spring’s hottest makeup trends now—the orange lipstick! Best with perfect Black bracelet cuff.

This coated copper wire crochet bracelet features 6 square Swarovski crystal studs for style that walks on the edge.

-Non tarnish coated copper wire
– gunmetal clasp
– Swarovski crustals

Bracelet is about 6 1/3″ long and 2″ wide

100% handmade in USA

Fashion bracelet easy DIY by Zegna Aston


It’s easy then you think. Little patience and you will have custom piece of jewelry.
You will need:

  • Wire 28g (you can buy it in any beading or craft store)
  • Gemstone cabochon
  • Crochet hook #10
  • Tube slide Clasp

This DIY for people who know how to crochet. Lots of basic lessons you can find online.
Start by crocheting enough chain stitches so that the length of your chains will be just enough to wrap your cabochon tight.

With a slip stitch, make a loop and start working in circle crochet 1, chain 1, and skip 1, crochet 1 until the end of the loop.
For the 2nd row, do the same, but skip 3 stitches approximately every 1/3 of the loop, so that your loop will begin to get smaller.

Then you will need to crochet the actual Bracelet cuff.
Start by crocheting chain stitches. Measure it around your wrist. It should be tight. My wrist is about 40 stitches. Then simply crochet the single stitches. As many rows as you need. You will need some practice to make the stitches evenly. Be prepared your fingers will hurt!
And one more thing. Try to crochet the whole bracelet at a time. If you will stop and decide to continue next day the stitches will look different.
I use a rubber mallet to hammer the bracelet a little. It makes it flat. But you don’t have to do it. Everything depends on your taste 
When the Bracelet is done use the same wire attach the clasp and cabochon.

Enjoy your Bracelet!

Fall Beauty with Labradorite stones

Fall Beauty
Cardigan is always comfy, cozy and statement-making. You can throw them on over everything from a tank to a simple blouse, and then fit them in easily under a blazer or coat when the weather is chilly. Cardigans are also the ultimate layering piece and don’t forget about Fall Jewelry with Labradorite stones

Grey Labradorite Faceted Beads Statement Necklace.

Amazing handmade statement Necklace is made of heavy gunmetal chunky chain, metallic yarn and featured with 5 beautiful shimmery faceted labradorite beads. Labradorite is very pretty and unique stone. It has color variety from grey and blue to green and cobalt blue.

Labradorite gunmetal wire crochet cuff bracelet.

Very chic and stylush bracelet cuff os crocheted of gunmetal artistic non tarnish wire and featured with Classic blue power natural Labradorite Cabochon.

Crocheted friendship bracelet, do you have?

A friendship bracelet is a handmade bracelet intended for a special person. A friendship bracelet is usually made of several strands of embroidery floss that have been knotted to form intricate patterns. People of all ages but particularly teens have made use of a macrame technique to create these bracelets for their friends. Because the technique is relatively simple, requires no special equipment and can be done with inexpensive materials, making and sharing friendship bracelets is something nearly everyone can do.

This is my interpretation)

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The Meaning of Friendship Bracelets
A friendship bracelet is given as a sign of friendship. It is intended to be tied on the wrist of a friend and worn continually as a symbol of lasting friendship. Some colors for a friendship bracelet that reflect the character traits of the intended recipient:

Red — honest
Orange — energetic
Yellow — cheerful
Green — responsible
Blue — loyal

Gold and malachite green trend colors

Gold and malachite

Large Malachite Slice and 14K Gold pleated Wire Crochet Bracelet by Zegna Aston

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For the new cold season, colors are more muted and softer, this way highlighting the idea of elegance and femininity. Although in fall and winter nature isn’t particularly happy with bright shades, the fall/ winter 2013-2014 color trends are vibrant, varied, exciting and rich, promising to make your fall styling a whole lot more inspirational than you can imagine.

The marvelous malachite green trend makes a flawless transition from summer to fall, bringing a touch of elegance and refinement to our wardrobes. Appropriate both for everyday wear and for special occasions, malachite green fascinates and sparkles any time of the year. It makes the best combination with white, gold and black, and when combined with bold and vibrant colors.

Very Stylish and Unique bracelet is crocheted of fine 14 K Gold Pleated wire (Made in USA) and featured with rare Natural Malachite Slice.
Malachite size approx. 5 x 3 1\2″
– Length: Approx. 6 1\2 ”
– Width: Approx. 2″
– Closure: Gold Pleated 5-strand slide clasp.
– Material: 14 K Gold Pleated wire, Natural malachite Slice