Maleficent is my inspiration

Perfect Natural Labradorite gemstone Gold Wire crochet Bracelet Cuff by Zegna Aston
Labradorite is also the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. It protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world, and provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness and in facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the future.
Beautiful, mystery and stylish handmade bracelet.
One of a kind. A lovely, lacy lattice pattern gives this cuff bracelet a cool modernism.
– 14K Gold Filled wire
– Natural Labradrite Gemstone (approx. 2″ x 1″)
– Gold Pleated slide clasp

Bracelet size 6 1/3″ x 2″
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Moonstone set crocheted by Zegna Aston

Moonstone set
Moon stone Chips Silver filled wire Crocheted by ZegnaJewelry

Very Beautiful and delicate bridal set crochet of silver filled wire (made in USA) and featured with shiny moonstone chip beads.

The set is including: necklace, cuff bracelet and earrings.
Bracelet is measured approx. 6.5″ long, 1 3/4 ‘ wide.
Necklace is approx. 8″ (16″) long.
Silver pleated findings.

This set will attract lots of attention and will make unique your special day!

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