Fashion bracelet easy DIY by Zegna Aston


It’s easy then you think. Little patience and you will have custom piece of jewelry.
You will need:

  • Wire 28g (you can buy it in any beading or craft store)
  • Gemstone cabochon
  • Crochet hook #10
  • Tube slide Clasp

This DIY for people who know how to crochet. Lots of basic lessons you can find online.
Start by crocheting enough chain stitches so that the length of your chains will be just enough to wrap your cabochon tight.

With a slip stitch, make a loop and start working in circle crochet 1, chain 1, and skip 1, crochet 1 until the end of the loop.
For the 2nd row, do the same, but skip 3 stitches approximately every 1/3 of the loop, so that your loop will begin to get smaller.

Then you will need to crochet the actual Bracelet cuff.
Start by crocheting chain stitches. Measure it around your wrist. It should be tight. My wrist is about 40 stitches. Then simply crochet the single stitches. As many rows as you need. You will need some practice to make the stitches evenly. Be prepared your fingers will hurt!
And one more thing. Try to crochet the whole bracelet at a time. If you will stop and decide to continue next day the stitches will look different.
I use a rubber mallet to hammer the bracelet a little. It makes it flat. But you don’t have to do it. Everything depends on your taste 
When the Bracelet is done use the same wire attach the clasp and cabochon.

Enjoy your Bracelet!


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