Fall/winter 2013-14 top cool colors trend

color trend

1. Loden is a beautiful color found in many things in nature such as leaves, plants, trees, grass, and moss. Loden is mentioned quite a bit in stories of old Bavaria or Germany. They also said Robin Hood wore a loden cape)
Best with Pyrite necklace and earrings jewelry set and Dragon Agate Teardrop Beads Chain Necklace

2. Pine Green is an excellent dye for maintaining your individuality. This color is a little darker than the Emerald Green but no less stunning.
3. Peacock colour looks great on both bleached hair and lighter natural hair colour and is considered one of the best blue-green.
Best with Labradorite Faceted Beads Statement Necklace and Labradorite gunmetal wire crochet cuff bracelet
4. Grapes blue color is purple and green sometimes.

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