Stunning Black Lace Crocheted Statement Necklace

This unique necklace is made of colored copper wire. Lace crocheted technique made it very light and airy. Perfect for evening occasions. Everyone will notice it!

Available in 7 additional colors or silver filled wire. Please contact me for details.

St. John Francis Regis helped many country girls stay away from the cities by establishing them in the lacemaking and embroidery trade, which is why he became the Patron Saint of lace-making.

It’s all about me.)


7 thoughts on “Stunning Black Lace Crocheted Statement Necklace

    • Thank you!
      This colored wire is created with copper that is coated with seven layers of colored enamel to provide a glossy finish. Don’t need any special care. Just keep it in box and try not to scratch.

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