delightful delivery!

I’m very happy because amazing blogger The Fashion Huntress  – the winner of my Giveaway has finally recieved the Lapis Lazuli and Lime Jade Chain Necklace

YAY! I was so excited to receive the necklace I won from Zegna Jewelry’s giveaway this week in the mail!

The lovely packaging set the perfect tone for the unveiling…


and TA DA! The big reveal!

A Lapis Lazuli and Lime Jade Chain Necklace


Zegna, based in Texas, hand makes her jewelry and you can definitely tell how much effort and passion goes into her pieces. No two pieces are ever the same, making this necklace one of a kind.


Her Etsy store can be found here:

Her blog can be found here:

Thank you so much to Zegna for this stunning necklace and for great giveaway opportunity! I cannot wait to wear it! It was already a huge hit with my family!

Happy Fourth, readers, to those who join me stateside!


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