I’d rather be at the beach in Coral and Turquoise jewelry

Did you know?
Corals are so sensitive to climatic change that scientists study coral reef fossils to construct highly detailed chronologies of prehistoric climate patterns.

The origin of the name Turquoise is derived from the Greek word “Turkois” meaning “Turkish” because it was first brought from Turkey

Beautiful and bright crochet necklace will attract lots of attention to your outfit! Crocheted of 100% Egyptian cotton thread and featured with dyed bamboo coral sticks and Turquoise dyed howlite beads.

Materials: Gold tone chunky chain, 100% Egyptian cotton thread, gold tone copper wire, dyed bamboo coral sticks, Turquoise dyed howlite beads.

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3 thoughts on “I’d rather be at the beach in Coral and Turquoise jewelry

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  2. I love coral and turquoise, a complimentary pair!! Your necklace is exquisite!! Interesting info about the origin of the name turquoise. I am doing a post on turquoise and amber next month and would love to link it to this page with your perrmission. Howlite is a real stone that looks like turquoise when coloured, but costs less and looks just as lovely!!

    Have a great weekend!!
    ❤ carmen

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